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Neptunite is a complex lithium sodium potassium iron titanium silicate. Flink (1893) named the mineral after the Roman sea-god Neptune. Cannilo et al. (1966) redefined the ideal formula of neptunite in their crystal structure determination which revealed an essential lithium content.

This specimen comes from the Benitoite Gem mine, which produces "best of species" for two different minerals: benitoite and neptunite. Neptunite forms lustrous black prismatic crystals to 2.4 cm. Also present is a doubly terminated crystal, 1.8 cm long. Such specimens are found covered by natrolite, which is removed chemically. Fortunately the specimen preparer left some white natrolite to contrast the black neptunite. Please note the backside of the specimen has been sawn. Such specimens have disappeared from the mineral market since cessation of work at the mine. From the collection of Ray McCammon, a mineral collector who retired to southern Arizona. Choice and in top condition.

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