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Miguelromeroite is a hydrous manganese arsenate, and a member of the hureaulite group. The story of miguelromerite begins with the 1984 proposal for a new species from Mexico (IMA1984-37). At that time, the International Mineralogical Association deemed the mineral from Mexico identical to villyaellenite just described from France (Sarp, 1984). Nevertheless, Kampf & Ross (1988) published a crystal structure of their sample from Mexico, arguing its differences from type villyaellenite. With the development of more sensitive X-ray detectors, Kampf (2009) newly refined the crystal structures of type villyaellenite and the mineral from Mexico. Calcium and manganese clearly occupy different positions in the crystal structure. The study gained species status for miguelromeroite and redefined villyaellenite with a new formula. The mineral name miguelromeroite honors gentleman mineral collector Dr. Miguel Romero (1926-1997), who passionately preserved the mineral heritage of Mexico. The holotype miguelromeroite sample remains the only known example from Mexico.

Miguelromeroite forms pink sprays to 1 mm. The publication of the description of miguelromeroite recast these samples as such; this example was originally labeled villyaellenite in 2006. From the collection of E.R. Laskowski (1949-2020), a mining engineer who retired to Tucson, Arizona.

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