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Fedorite - Sold

Fedorite is a complex hydrous potassium sodium calcium silicate. Kukharenko et al. (1965) named the mineral in honor of Russian crystallographer Evgraf Fedorov (1853-1919), who derived the 230 space groups alongside who alongside German mathematician Arthur Schönflies (1853-1928). Every crystal structure paper (around 10,000 per year) builds on their work. Mitchell & Burns (2001) refined the crystal structure of fedorite, also establishing its currently accepted formula.

Fedorite forms pink cleavages to 2.0 cm across, interleaved with cream cleavages of agrellite. The matrix is mainly charoite (mauve) and aegirine. From the collection of E.R. Laskowski (1949-2020), a mining engineer who retired to Tucson, Arizona.