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Natrolemoynite is a hydrous sodium zirconium silicate. McDonald & Chao (2001) named the mineral for its sodium (natrium in Latin) content and structural relationship to lemoynite. The root name lemoynite honors Charles Lemoyne (1625-1685) and family, personalities in the early history of Montréal (Perrault et al., 1969).

Natrolemoynite forms radiating groups to 2.5 mm across on altered pegmatite. The matrix consists mainly of microcline, with albite lined pockets. Later pyrite and resinous lepidocrocite are also present. Natrolemoynite is much rarer than lemoynite. This specimen is from the type locality. From the collection of E.R. Laskowski (1949-2020), a mining engineer who retired to Tucson, Arizona.

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