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Herbertsmithite is a zinc copper chloride hydroxide, related to paratacamite. The paratacamite crystal structure has two different copper sites. When guest atoms substitute for copper, they selectively occupy one of two positions in the paratacamite/herbertsmithite crystal structure. When zinc dominates over copper at this one crystallographic site, the species is herbertsmithite. Braithwaite et al. (2004) first described this species, naming it after mineralogist Herbert Smith (1872-1953) who discovered paratacamite. Herbertsmithite has unusual magnetic properties, covered in science news (e.g. Nature World News, MIT News Office). Own a mineral that stumps physicists!

Herbertsmithite forms rhombohedral crystals to 2 mm on matrix. From the collection of E.R. Laskowski (1949-2020), a mining engineer who retired to Tucson, Arizona.

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