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Ruizite with Kinoite

Ruizite is a calcium manganese silicate. Williams & Duggan (1977) named the mineral after Joe Ana Ruiz (1924-2017), pharmacist and mineral collector of Mammoth, Arizona. Fendrich et al. (2016) redetermined the crystal structure of the mineral. The Christmas mine is a copper mine with an extensive skarn zone, which hosts an interesting silicate assemblage.

Ruizite forms brown aggregates in open cavities lined with colorless hydroxyapophyllite crystals to 1.5 and blue kinoite crystals to 1 mm. This is the type locality for ruizite; this is an unusually good, free-standing example. From the collection of E.R. Laskowski (1949-2020), a mining engineer who retired to Tucson, Arizona. A Robert Ray label also accompanies the specimen.

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