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Varennesite with Zakharovite

Varennsite and zakharovite are both sodium manganese silicates found in very alkaline (high sodium) rocks. Varennesite takes its name from the Varennes quarry, its type locality and the source of this piece (Grice & Gault, 1995). Zakharovite has a longer history in the mineralogical literature, originally found on the Kola Peninsula, Russia. Khomyakov et al. (1982) named the mineral after Professor Evgeii Zakharov (1902-1980), Director of the Moscow Geological Exploration Institute. Zakharovite forms yellow coatings in a natrolite-lined cavity, while feathery varrenesite fills a cavity elsewhere on the specimen.

From the collection of E.R. Laskowski (1949-2020). Laskowski acquired this specimen in 2014; labels from Laskowski and a dealer accompany the specimen.

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