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Manganaxinite is a manganese calcium aluminum borate-silicate. The mineral name recalls the long established iron-dominant axinite named by René Haüy in his 1801 Traité de Minéralogie, for its axe-like crystal shape. Fromme (1909) first applied the name manganaxinite to samples from New Jersey which had molar Mn in excess of molar Fe. The International Mineralogical Association has chosen a hyphenated nomenclature for the axinite group, dubbing this species axinite-(Mn) (Burke, 2008).

This single crystal of manganaxinite has clove brown coloration, with scattered tiny tourmaline crystals attached to its surface. A chemical analysis by Foord et al. (1989) establishes this as manganaxinite. Nice San Diego County specimen. From the Garth Bricker (1931-2020) collection.

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