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Adamite (cuprian) with Calcite

Adamite is a zinc arsenate. Friedel (1866) named the species after Gilbert-Joseph Adam (1795-1881), French mineralogist and mineral collector, who discovered the mineral on Chilean specimens. Adamite is a so-called allochromatic mineral species, one without inherent color from its ideal chemistry. Minor copper substitution for zinc readily imparts blue-green coloration in adamite, such as in this example.

This specimen consists of a coverage of botryoidal cuprian adamite, finely crystallized and sparkling. Scattered colorless calcite crystals to 8 mm provide contrast. A label from Kristalle designates this specimen as "cuprian austinite" from the Alex Blair (of El Segundo, California) collection. Close examination of the specimen indicates that is in fact cuprian adamite. There is contacting along the long edge of the piece. In some ways, this piece looks like a Greek adamite. Very attractive.

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