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Paradamite with Legrandite - Sold

Paradamite is a hydrous zinc arsenate, sharing the same chemical formula as adamite. The mineral name combines Greek root para, near, with adamite. In the original description, Switzer (1956) obtained the material from California mineral dealer George Burnham, who in turn acquired it from George Griffith, who apparently collected the mineral at Ojuela. Paradamite is a very rare mineral, and due to its typical tight aggregation of crystals, and their often curved development, it is challenging to recognize by sight. Unlike many rare species, the mineral paradamite forms large (>1 cm) and colorful (yellow) crystals.

This specimen consists of a sawn "limonite" matrix hosting paradamite crystals to 1.0 cm. Also present are legrandite crystal sections to 1.5 cm. On this piece, paradamite is distinctly sulfur yellow, contrasting with the striking goldenrod of the associated legrandite. Unusually for the species, paradamite here forms sharp separated crystals. From the 1970s.