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Zunyite is an aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide chloride (Hillebrand, 1885). Zunyite has tetrahedral symmetry, which is one point group in the cubic crystal system. The mineral name alludes to the type locality, the Zuni mine in Colorado.

This zunyite crystal measures 1.2 cm on edge. It has very sharp edges. This is a remarkable example for the species, and above average in fineness and crystal size for this recent find, which debuted at the 2018 Munich Show. This occurrence now seems to hold the world record for crystal size, previously held by a locality near Quartzsite, Arizona. As zunyite forms in soft evaporite rocks, its force of crystallization pushes aside other minerals, but curiously still incorporating fine red hematite. Consequently, specimens from this occurrence are complete tetrahedral crystals, mostly loose and free of matrix. This example has millimetric specular hematite crystals scattered over its faces.

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