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Bournonite with Jamesonite - Sold

Bournonite is a lead copper antimony sulfosalt. Jameson (1805) named the mineral after Count J.L de Bournon (1751-1825), a French mineralogist who published an early account of the mineral (Bournon, 1804). Jamesonite is a lead iron antimony sulfosalt named in honor of mineralogist Robert Jameson (1774-1854), Scottish mineralogist who named bournonite (Haidinger, 1825). This mine at St. Endellion is the type locality for both bournonite and jamesonite, although bournonite is more prominently known for its "cogwheel" development at the Herodsfoot mine elsewhere in Cornwall.

This specimen consists of crystalline sphalerite, hosting bournonite crystals to 9 mm on one side, and also fibers of jamesonite to 3 cm on the other side. A dealer label from Larry Conklin (1933-2016) accompanies the piece.