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Donpeacorite with Kanoite - Sold

Donpeacorite and kanoite are both magnesium manganese silicates. In fact the two species are polymorphs. Donpeacorite is an orthopyroxene while kanoite is a clinopyroxene. Peterson et al. (1984) named donpeacorite after Donald R. Peacor (1937- ), professor at the University of Michigan. Kobayashi (1977) named kanoite after Dr. Hiroshi Kano, Akita University, Japan.

This specimen is unusual showing two coexisting dimorphous minerals. Donpeacorite forms the splintery light orange blades, and kanoite forms a brownish orange solid mass. The donpeacorite shows cleavage, whereas the kanoite does not. A rich example! Rare!