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Luinaite-(OH) - Sold

Luinaite-(OH) is a tourmaline group mineral, specifically the first monoclinic tourmaline species. Cation ordering causes a lowering of the ideal hexagonal symmetry. The end member composition is NaFe2+3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4; dimorphous with schorl. This material comes from one of the localities listed in the 2009 IMA approval list. Bart Cannon, a mineral collector based in Seattle, collected these specimens in the 1970s. Single crystal X-ray diffraction of this material at the University of Arizona clearly demonstrate the monoclinic symmetry. Download the X-ray data here. Also find qualitative chemical data here. This is a fine example with crystal sprays to 2.3 by 1.4 cm and lustrous quartz crystals for contrast. This is a large piece for the find. A good thumbnail for rarity points.