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Paradamite with Legrandite - Sold

Paradamite is a hydrous zinc arsenate, with the same chemical formula as adamite. For this reason, George Switzer combined the name adamite with "par", meaning near. Legrandite is a hydrous zinc arsenate originally found elsewhere in Mexico (Drugman et al. 1932).

This specimen has a frosted gemmy yellow paradamite crystal group associated with a radiating legrandite needles. The paradamite is quite gemmy, and could possibly facet some stones. The paradamite crystal group has a narrow viewing angle, perhaps 75 degrees. One side is cleaved and sawn, and the other side of the crystal group is rough from matrix contact. However, from one particular viewing direction, this is a spectacular piece.

This writer purchased this specimen from Alfredo Petrov years ago, eventually selling the piece to Rob Lavinsky. Cal Graeber obtained the piece from Rob, and it found its way into the David Stoudt collection. Years later, Rob Lavinsky re-acquired the piece with a portion of the David Stoudt mineral collection. Rob Lavinsky eventually traded the piece to Ron Pellar. Its picture from different angles is visible online. Ex Ron Pellar collection, ex David Stoudt collection.