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Duftite - Sold

Duftite is a hydrous lead copper arsenate mineral. The mineral name honors Gustav Bernhard Duft (1859-1924), second general manager of the Tsumeb Corporation mine (Namibia), the type locality (Pufahl, 1920). Claringbull (1951) reported and studied duftite from Mapimí.

This duftite specimen comes from a 2012 find at Ojuela. SEM-EDS analyses showed this material to be a calcian and zincian variety of duftite. This specimen consists of a friable gossan matrix encrusted by lime green duftite microcrystals, which are in turn coated by later transparent calcite crystals to 2 mm. This specimen shimmers in the hand from a myriad of calcite crystal reflections on the specimen surface. Nice.