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Zincite with Franklinite - Sold

Zincite and franklinite were some of the first minerals described from the United States. Bruce (1810) noted the red oxide of zinc, later renamed zincite by Haidinger (1845). Berthier (1819) named francklinite (sic), later changed to franklinite in the mid-nineteenth century. While originally assumed to be a poor ore of iron, which is true, franklinite proved to be the dominant ore of zinc at Franklin and Sterling Hill. This is a large rounded single crystal of zincite with associated octahedral black franklinite. The crystal has been etched form enclosing calcite and the entire surface shows growth hillocks, and appears quite satiny. This texture implies a certain amount of dissolution of the zincite into the host marble. This is an amazing large, complete, single crystal of zincite. There is some chipping of the franklinite crystals visible in the photos, nevertheless this piece is still choice.