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Bannister et al. (1947) originally named the mineral nigerite, after the country of its original occurrence. Jacobsen & Webb (1947) provide further details of the occurrence. Following structural studies, and after comparison with taafeite and h ögbomite type minerals, Armbruster (2002) introduced a new nomenclature for this mineral, naming it ferronigerite-2N1S. On this piece, ferronigerite-2N1S forms hexagonal crystals to 4 mm embedded in massive quartz with inky bluish blebs of gahnite and fibrous off-white sillimanite. This specimen was part of the personal collection of Ralph Merrill, proprietor of the prolific mail order business Minerals Unlimited. Ralph Merrill obtained this specimen from Davidson collection in 1954. This mineral is especially difficult to obtain from its type locality.

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