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Heulandite-Na with Mordenite

Heulandite-Na is a hydrous sodium aluminum silicate, and a zeolite mineral. Brooke (1822) named heulandite after Henry Heuland (1778-1856), a prolific and successful mineral dealer of the time. Originally named heulandite without extension, Coombs et al. (1997) split heulandite into separate species with hyphenated names including a chemical symbol. Most samples (such as those from India) are calcium dominant, designated heulandite-Ca. However at this locality in Idaho, sodium dominates over calcium (Ross & Shannon, 1924). Coombs et al. (1997) designated this mineral heulandite-Na; this sample comes from the type locality.

Pink crystals of heulandite-Na to 2 cm form in a thick pocket filling of mordenite. A rind of altered basalt constitutes the matrix. Collected by Lanny Ream in 2000; his label and one from David Shannon accompany the specimen.

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