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Rinkite-(Ce) is a complex sodium calcium cerium titanium silicate fluoride, the namesake species of the rinkite group. Lorenzen (1884) named rinkite after Dr. Henrik Rink (1819-1893), Danish geologist and glaciologist, who later became Director of the Royal Greenland Trading Department. Fleischer (1958) questioned the validity of rinkite, suggesting identity with mosandrite. Work by Belleza et al. (2009) and Cámara et al. (2011) re-validated the species. The International Mineralogical Association later changed the mineral name from rinkite to rinkite-(Ce) in 2016, while revising nomenclature of the seidozerite supergroup (including the rinkite group) (Sokolova & Cámara, 2017).

Rinkite-(Ce) is rock-forming here, forming tan aggregates to 2.6 cm. Also present are black magnesiokatophorite, albite, and eudialyte. Originally labeled mosandrite, this material from Kipawa now falls under the definition of rinkite-(Ce). From the collection of E.R. Laskowski (1949-2020), a mining engineer who retired to Tucson, Arizona.

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