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Roweite is a calcium manganese borate, originally described from Franklin, New Jersey (Berman & Gonyer, 1937). The mineral name honors George Rowe (1868-1947), formerly Mine Captain at Franklin, who collected the type material. Later, Moore & Araki (1974) solved the crystal structure and established the currently accepted formula for the species. For decades, the type specimen (and its fragments) was the only known sample. Ultimately mineralogists recorded two other worldwide occurrences, and in 2016 a fourth occurrence in China afforded a limited quantity of roweite in choice free standing crystals.

This is fragment of skarn matrix hosting bladed roweite crystals to 11 × 7 mm. While larger crystals are known from this occurrence, this specimen is well arranged with its crystals protruding from matrix. An aesthetic thumbnail specimen of a rare mineral!

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