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Mottramite on Wulfenite - Sold

Mottramite is a copper lead vanadate. Roscoe (1876) named this mineral for its type locality at Mottram St. Andrew, Cheshire, England. Wulfenite is a simple lead molybdate with a long history. In 1785, Austrian natural historian Franz Xavier von Wulfen (1728-1805) published a monumental treatise Abhandlung vom kärnthnerischen Bleyspate on lead minerals from Bleiberg, Austria. Wulfen's work is lavishly illustrated with 21 hand-colored engravings, some of which show a yellow to red crystalline lead mineral. In his 1845 Handbuch der bestimmenden Mineralogie, Austrian mineralogist Wilhelm Haidinger (1795-1871) recognized Wulfen's contribution by renaming those yellow to red crystals as wulfenite.

Mottramite forms a dark green botryoidal coating mostly concealing wulfenite blades to 1.7 cm. White calcite also present. Such specimens date to the 1960s or earlier. This specimen was part of the Charles Trantham (1936-2020) estate.