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Cuprite with Brochantite

Cuprite is a red oxide of copper with copper in its 1+ oxidation, in contrast to blue-green minerals bearing copper in its 2+ state. While known to ancients, it waited for Haidinger (1845) to coined the modern name cuprite, using the Latin cuprum for copper. Brochantite is a copper sulfate named after Professor A. J. M. Brochant de Villiers (1772-1840), French geologist and mineralogist at École des Mines, Paris (Levy, 1824). Brochantite is characteristically green due to content of copper 2+.

In 2009, Ojuela produced a small quantity of massive cuprite, which carried an unusual assemblage of copper minerals. Cuprite crystals to 3 mm line a large open, on which needles of brochantite to 2 mm have grown. Finely fibrous blue-green material intermixed with the dark green crystals is also brochantite, however with a slightly different crystal structure. Rare at Ojuela.

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