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Silver on argentiferous Galena

Silver is an element, knwon to the ancinet civilizations. The English word silver seems to comes have a Germanic origin, and appears as soelfur in Old English. The mining of silver dates to ancient times, and the pursuit of silver was an early motivation of Spanish conquest of Mexico. The Spaniards found silver at Ojuela by 1598. At Ojuela, silver is present in oxidized lead carbonate ores and in primary galena ore. Native silver is rare at the locality.

In 2016, a few specimens of crystallized galena appeared on the mineral market. Some of these specimens had associated species, including small wires of silver. This is such an example. Although mined for centuries for silver, specimens of the native metal are essentially unknown form this mining district. Rare stuff. The matrix is altered galena, cleaved on the backside. Silver here forms 2-3 mm grouping of wires.

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