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Galena with Fluorite

Galena is lead sulfide and fluorite is calcium fluoride, two species having cubic symmetry. Galena is a Latin mineral name, and knowledge of the mineral's lead content dates to antiquity. Fluorite is a mineral known to ancient civilizations as well, its name derived from the name fluores lapides given in Agricola's 1530 De Re Metallica. These are among the most common of mineral species, both names making short lists for teaching mineralogy and also for beginner collectible minerals.

This specimen consists of cuboctahedral galena crystals to 1.3 cm intergrown with a fluorite crystals to 1.2 cm across. The largest galena crystal is twinned. This specimen is crystallized all around, attached along its short edge, permitting 360° appreciation. The backbone of the piece is a plate of tiny arsenopyrite crystals to 2 mm, which are only noticeable on the edge of the piece. Found 2016.

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