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Adamite with Calcite

Adamite is a zinc arsenate. Friedel (1866) named the species after Gilbert-Joseph Adam (1795-1881), French mineralogist and mineral collector, who first noted the species. The first report of adamite from Ojuela appears in the 1923 Catálogo sistemático de especies minerales de México from the Instituto de Geología in Mexico City. However this report did not reach American mineral collectors. When American collectors Dan Meyers and Francis Wise visited Ojuela in 1946 seeking mimetite and wulfenite, they discovered abundant fine adamite (Mrose et al., 1948). The adamite find of 1946 was world-class; leading to a succession of visitors to Ojuela. Routine visits by mineral collectors and dealers developed a local specimen mining industry, which continues to this day.

This specimen consists of a single adamite crystal, 8 by 6 mm, with an unusual orange coloration. A coverage of white crystalline calcite on the gossan matrix provides contrast. Choice.

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