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Danburite is a calcium borosilicate. Shepard (1839) first described the species, naming for its discovery site in Danbury, Connecuticut. Type material is nondescript, consisting of danburite crystal sections in iron-stained feldspar. Subsequent danburite finds around the world have surpassed the quality of type locality material, with free-standing crystals to ~50 cm observed both at Dal'negorsk, Russia, and at Charcas, Mexico (according to the Handbook of Mineralogy).

This specimen is a knob of danburite crystals, with individuals protruding as much as 2.5 cm. This is a particularly well arranged cluster of danburite crystals, not scattered like most examples. A starburst. Danburite from Charcas has been a mainstay of Mexican mineral collecting long before the publication of Johnson's 1965 Field Guide to the Gems & Minerals of Mexico. Charcas continues to this day in its production of fine collector quality danburite (Cook, 2003).

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