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Fluorcalciomicrolite is a calcium tantalum oxide fluoride. While long been known as microlite, mineralogists have now redefined traditional microlite as a series between endmembers fluornatromicrolite (Witzke et al., 2011) and fluorcalciomicrolite (Andrade et al., 2013). Analyses of microlite from this locality by Lumpkin (1998) all show Ca > Na, fitting the definition of fluorcalciomicrolite. Fluorcalciomicrolite is a member of the microlite group, which in turn is part of pyrochlore supergroup (Atencio et al., 2010). Please note this sample has not been analyzed.

This specimen consists of bladed albite, with open gaps between the blade. In a large gap sits a 5 mm yellow-gray octahedron of fluorcalciomicrolte. A choice example with good color contrast. This specimen was part of the Charles Trantham (1936-2020) estate.

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