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Fairfieldite - Sold

Fairfieldite is a hydrous calcium manganese phosphate. The mineral name comes from Fairfield County, Connecticut, wherein the type locality is situated (Brush & Dana, 1879). Perhaps the largest and finest crystals of fairfieldite, the so called "best of species", come from this occurrence in North Carolina.

Fairfieldite here forms crystal sheaves to 1.0 cm. The matrix is a wedge of quartz and feldspar, lined with pale rose colored flourapatite crystals to 2 mm, on which the fairfieldite crystals have grown. Although some of the fairfieldite crystals are contacted or broken, this specimen would trim into a fine miniature, perhaps best by saw cutting. This specimen carries a vintage Mineralogical Research label. Additional accompanying labels and a matching collection number indicate this was part of the Jack Parnau (1906-1990) collection. There is a note designating "Lou Perloff 2/68". Did this Parnau obtain this piece from Perloff at the 1968 Tucson Show?