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Tsumcorite - Sold

Tsumcorite is a hydrated lead zinc arsenate. Geier et al. (1971) named the mineral after the Tsumeb Corporation Ltd., recognizing their support of mineralogical sciences. The Tsumeb Corporation Ltd. operated the Tsumeb mine from 1947 until 1988, during which time it produced many fine mineral specimens, especially of dioptase, cerussite, mimetite and azurite. Four mineral species names derive from the place name Tsumeb: tsumebite, arsentsumebite, tsumcorite, and tsumgallite. Cairncross (2017) gives a comprehensive account of tsumcorite from Tsumeb.

Tsumcorite here forms a yellow-orange crypto-crystalline crust. Minor green duftite is also present. This specimen was part of the Charles Trantham (1936-2020) estate.