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Sénarmontite - Sold

Senarmontite is a cubic oxide of antimony; it is isostructural with arsenolite. Dana (1851) named sénarmontite in honor of Henri Hureau de Sénarmont (1808-1862), a French mineralogist who first noted the species (Sénarmont, 1851). When fresh, sénarmontite is lustrous and colorless.

Sénarmontite here forms white octahedra to 6 mm on edge. Many of the crystals have a waxy coating which is not water soluble. This specimen was part of the Charles Trantham (1936-2020) estate. A label from Al McGuinness (1926-1990) and an old parchment label accompany this specimen. The parchment label likely dates to the 19th century, and indicates that this specimen was carefully hidden from sunlight for more than a century!