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Nickelskutterudite is nickel arsenide; while nominally assumed to have a fixed ratio of nickel to arsenic atoms, the mineral has a variable metal conent, which makes the arsenic to metal ratio variable. Furthermore, this species has a long history in the mineral literature, once named chloanthite (Breithaput, 1845). Waller & Moses (1892) named the mineral nickel-skutterdite, for its relationship to skutterudite and dominant nickel content. In a decision by the International Mineralogical Association, the mineral name became officially non-hypenated (Burke, 2008).

Nickelskutterudite here forms cubo-octahedral crystals to 1.0 cm. As many of the nickelskutterudite crystals here are contacted, one may wish to trim this specimen into a miniature. This specimen was part of the Charles Trantham (1936-2020) estate. A Robert M. Philips mineral collection label accompanies this specimen.

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