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Falkmanite is a lead antimony sulfosalt. Ramdohr & Ödman (1940) named the species in honor of Oscar Carl August Falkman (1877-1961) of Stockholm, Sweden, general director of the Bolidens Gruvaktiebolag (Boliden Mining Company). Before Ramdohr & Ödman (1940) made it to publication, Hiller (1939) published a study of falkmanite from a third occurrence. While Hiller's paper predates the study of Ramdohr & Ödman, Hiller gives the pair credit for naming the species. Falkmanite is closely related to boulangerite, so much so that some authors believe both are the same species. Falkmanite has an increased lead content compared to boulangerite and a doubled monoclinic unit cell. The current definition of falkmanite follows from Mozgora et al. (1983); the IMA report on sulfosalt systematics (Moëlo et al., 2008) recommends further study.

Falkmanite here forms a feathery metallic coverage, 6.6 by 2.4 cm. The matrix consists of a quartz vein section in schist; minor arsenopyrite is also present. A large specimen from the type locality. This specimen was part of the Charles Trantham (1936-2020) estate. This specimen comes with two vintage labels: (1) Minerals Unlimited and (2) Robert M. Philips collection.

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