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Albite is a sodium aluminum silicate, and a member of the feldspar group. While known to be chemically distinct from other feldspar minerals by the mid-eighteenth century, it waited for Gahn & Berzelius (1815) to assign the species name albite. The name albite comes from the Latin albus for white, the typical color of the species.

This specimen is a single crystal of albite, 1.8 by 1.4 by 1.4 cm, unusually thick and transparent. The crystal is roughly 80% complete. It is mounted in a thumbnail box, unfortunately with its contact point showing, from Bideaux Minerals, run by George Bideaux (1897-1978). Before the age of the Internet, locality designations such as "Minas Gerais" were generally accepted, even though Minas Gerais is larger than California. A bit of attached muscovite hints at a pegmatitic origin. Historic.

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