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Yugawaralite is a hydrous calcium aluminum silicate, and a member of the zeolite family (Coombs et al., 1997). The mineral name recalls its type locality at the Yugawara hot springs, southeast of Mount Fuji (Sakurai & Hayashi, 1952). Yugawaralite has many worldwide occurrence, but this quarry in India seems to produce the largest crystals of the species. Ottens (2003) reports crystals to 5 cm!

This is a significant thumbnail consisting of a parallel growth of bladed individuals to 2.0 cm. The entire aggregate is is 2.7 cm long, and 1.1 cm thick, quite full bodied for a yugawaralite thumbnail. Note that one of the crystal blades is broken, but this is visible from only from the back side. It can be displayed competitively without showing damage. Small globules of gray-brown gyrolite and white prehnite are attached, characteristic of the locality. Rare and fine!

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