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Manganoblödite, Cobaltoblödite

Two recent new minerals, manganoblödite and cobaltoblödite, occur together as an efflorescence on mine tunnel walls (Kasatkin et al., 2013). These two new species, manganoblödite (IMA2012-029) and cobaltoblödite (IMA2012-029) are named for their dominance of manganese or cobalt, respectively, over magnesium in blödite. Blödite (John, 1821) is a long known sodium magnesium sulfate named after Karl August Blöde (1773-1820), German mineralogist.

This sample is typical of the occurrence, consisting largely fine grained pink blödite group minerals. While not specifically analyzed, this material contains three blödite group minerals: blödite sensu scricto, manganoblödite, and cobaltoblödite. Also present is yellowish sideronatrite. This material is water soluble but stable even in arid environments. Ships in a plastic box.

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