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Brazilianite (New Hampshire!)

Brazilianite is a hydrous sodium aluminum phosphate. Pough & Henderson (1945) named the mineral after Brazil. In his later years, Fred Pough would lament that brazilianite had not been named in his honor; he was not a fan of poughite. Not long after its original description, brazilianite was found in two pegmatites in New Hampshire as recorded in volume II (1951) of the seventh edition of Dana's System of Mineralogy.

This specimen consists of an altered feldspar matrix with two aggregates of brazilianite attached. Brazilianite here forms opaque pale yellow crystal aggregates, the larger measuring 1.3 cm across; the second (and smaller) crystal group appears incomplete. The brazilianite crystals offer little color contrast to the matrix, however they stand out from the matrix with some relief. Formerly in part of the Robert Trimingham (1937-2013) collection; Trimingham's collection card accompanies the specimen.

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