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Glaucodot (Oregon!)

Glaucodot is a cobalt iron arsenic sulfide. Yang & Downs (2008) solved the crystal, finding aspects seen in both arsenopyrite and alloclasite; they suggest that iron substitution for cobalt is necessary to stabilize the crystal structure. In other words, glaucodot is not a polymorph of cobaltite or alloclasite, but rather a distinct species both structurally and chemically. Breithaupt & Plattner (1849) named the mineral using the Greek root glaukos, blue, which is the color it imparts into glass.

This specimen of massive ore has two veins containing crystals to 2 mm of glaucodot. A pinkish hue to the specimen suggest a light surface alteration to erythrite. Vhaj (1960) described this occurrence. Rare!

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