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Sincosite is a hydrated calcium vanadyl phosphate, named for its type locality near Sincos, Peru. Schaller (1922) announced the discovery, and later Schaller (1924) provided a full description. Sincosite strongly resembles metatorbernite. While examining a supposed metatorbernite specimen from the Black Hills of South Dakota, Zolensky (1985) identified the green platy mineral as the exotic species sincosite.

Geologist and mineral collector Tom Loomis rediscovered sincosite in the Black Hills in 1996. Loomis describes the find in the May-June 1999 issue of the Mineralogical Record. This specimen has a 30 by 10 mm coverage of sincosite on gray silicified sandstone matrix. Sincosite here forms millimetric square “book”-like crystals.

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