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Loughlinite with Searlesite

Loughlinite is a sodium magnesium silicate, named after Gerald Francis Loughlin (1880-1946), Chief Geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey (Fahey et al., 1960). Searlesite is a sodium borosilicate named after John W. Searles (1828-1897), who realized the valuable borax content of a dry lake, which also bears his name: Searles Lake. This specimen comes from the type locality for loughlinite; the type locality for searlesite is in California (Larsen & Hicks, 1914).

This is a very fragile specimen; it consists of a cleavage of searlesite, 2.7 by 1.3 cm, with attached shale and fibrous white loughlinite. The loughlinite forms two seams, both 2 mm wide and 15 mm long.

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