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Redledgeite - Sold

Redledgeite is a complex oxide mineral and a member of the hollandite group. Strunz (1961) named the species after its type locality, the Red Ledge mine. Gatehouse et al. (1986) refined the crystal structure as monoclinic, and noted that redledgeite shows two distinct habits: yellow-green fibers and lustrous black dipyramidal crystals. Foley et al. (1997) refined the crystal structure of another specimen, finding tetragonal symmetry. Recently, the International Mineralogical Association defined the ideal formula of redledgeite as Ba(Ti4+6Cr3+2)O16 (Biagoni et al., 2013).

This is a rich example of yellow-green massive redledgeite, with a 2.4 cm by 1.5 coverage. The matrix is massive chromite; a hint of purplish clinochlore in also present. This specimen carries a label from Mineralogical Research Company, which states that the specimen came from Jack Parnau (1906-1990).