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Paradamite - Sold

Paradamite is a hydrous zinc arsenate, sharing the same chemical formula as adamite. The mineral name combines Greek root para, near, with adamite. In the original description, Switzer (1956) noted that the original material came from dealer George Burnham of Monrovia, California; George Griffith collected the material at Ojuela. Paradamite is a very rare mineral, and due to its typical tight aggregation of crystals, and their often curved development, it is challenging to recognize by sight. Unlike many rare species, the mineral paradamite forms large (>1 cm) and colorful (yellow) crystals.

This specimen comes from a recent find in 2017, perhaps better known for its fine legrandite specimens. Paradamite here forms a sulfur yellow crystal aggregate, 1 cm across. Associated are white "rice grain" smithsonite crystals to 6 mm, and some incomplete legrandite crystals. Could be trimmed into a competition size thumbnail.