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Ardennite-(As), originally simply ardennite, is a complex manganese aluminum arsenate silicate. Von Lasaulx (1872) named the mineral after the Ardennes Region, wherein the type locality resides. Von Lasaulx noted that ardennite-(As) has significantly varying directional hardness, like that seen in kyanite. In their description of the related mineral ardennite-(V), Barresi et al. (2007) present a history of ardennite. Their paper led to decision 2007-A of the International Mineralogical Association, wherein the original ardennite became ardennite-(As).

This specimen consists of brownish yellow cleavages of ardennite-(As) to 2.4 cm frozen in white quartz. Rich sample. This specimen carries a vintage Dr. David H. Garske label dating to the period 1979-1996.

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