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Yttrotungstite-(Y) - Sold

Yttrotungstite-(Y) takes it name from its essential constituents: yttrium and tungsten. Scrivenor & Shenton (1927) originally described the mineral, and believing it to contain major thorium, naming it thorotungstite. In his paper Thorotungstite - a misnomer, Beard (1950) noted that further analyses failed to confirm thorium, but did reveal significant yttrium. Ultimately, Davis & Smith (1971) re-described the mineral as yttrotungstite. Sahama (1981) provides a review of the tungsten oxide minerals.

Yttrotungstite-(Y) here forms an aggregate of orange microcrystals. The crystalline yttrotungstite-(Y) cements quartz fragments; also later powdery yellow hydrokenoelsmoreite is present. This specimen collected in 1948.