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Cuprite after Delafossite - Sold

Cuprite is an oxide of copper, specifically in the +1 oxidation state. Its distinctive red color contrasts strongly with the blue and green colors typical of copper in the +2 oxidation state. While known for centuries, ultimately Haidinger (1845) assigned the species its modern name. Delafossite, a copper iron oxide was replaced by latter red cuprite. Friedel (1873) named the species after French mineralogist and crystallographer, Gabriel Delafosse (1796-1878).

At Bisbee, platy delafossite changes to latter red cuprite. The cuprite appears like crushed velvet. The microcrystalline cuprite retains some of original texture of the delafossite, making these specimens appear like patchwork farmland seen from the airplane. Unusual and attractive for a pseudomorph. How many bright red pseudomorphs are there?