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Paramelaconite with Buttgenbachite

Paramelaconite is a mixed valence copper oxide, containing both Cu1+ and Cu2+ ions. Koenig (1891) named paramelaconite by combing the Greek root para, near, with the obsolete mineral name melaconite, now tenorite. Buttgenbachite is a complex hydrous copper nitrate chloride. Schoep (1925) named the mineral in honor of Professor Henri Buttgenbach (1874-1964), Belgian mineralogist, at the University of Liège. Buttgenbach authored two significant topographic mineralogies: Minéralogie du Congo Belge (1925) and Les Minéraux de Belgique et du Congo Belge (1947).

In a 2018 discovery at Tenke Fungurume, pockets of exotic copper nitrates and oxides were found in massive cuprite. Material appeared at the Denver and Munich mineral shows. Paramelaconite forms platy tetragonal crystals to 4 mm across in a tight aggregate with scattered blue buttgenbachite crystals to 2 mm. These paramelaconite crystals are unusual in their tabular form, since the longer known localities produce pyramidal crystals. Paramelaconite specimens are still very scarce.

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