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Curite with Soddyite - Sold

Curite is a lead uranium oxide-hydroxide-hydrate (Schoep, 1921). The mineral name honors French physicist Pierre Curie (1856-1906), who shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics involving the discovery of radioactivity. Soddyite is a uranium silicate named in honor of Frederick Soddy (1877-1956), British radiochemist. Schoep (1922) originally named the mineral soddite, but Wherry & Holden (1922) adjusted the spelling to soddyite while abstracting the original description.

This specimen consists of massive curite. There is a surface covered in fibrous curite, yellow blocky soddyite and an unidentified black mineral. Some minor malachite and metatorbernite impart a green color to part of the matrix. This specimen is very rich and looks more like a specimen from the Shinkolobwe mine. A Gilbert Gauthier label accompanies this specimen.