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Galkhaite - Sold

Galkhaite is a complex sulfosalt mineral of the tennantine group with a complex scientific history. Galkhaite was named after its co-type locality: Gal-Khaya, Russia (Grudzen et al., 1972). Originally the mineral formula was given as HgAsS2. Further study by Chen & Symański (1982) and other workers showed further chemical complexity, leading to formula (Cs,Tl,□)(Hg,Cu,Zn,Tl)6(As,Sb)4S12. Ultimately Biagioni et al. (2014) refined three more crystal structures, and justified an ideal formula of [Hg5Cu]CsAs4S12.

This is a rare galkhaite specimen from the Twin Creek mine in Nevada. Galkhaite forms cubo-octahedral crystals to 3 mm with microcrystals of stibnite. This is a different locality than the Getchell mine, also in Nevada, which has produced most galkhaite seen on the mineral market.