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Galena on Sphalerite

Galena is a lead sulfide known since ancient times, and sphalerite is a zinc sulfide. When sphalerite has a low iron content, it appears orange-red like in this specimen. The chert matrix of this specimen is typical of the Tri-State district and distinct from other occurrences. Galena has formed cubic crystals to 1.7 cm across on a chert matrix covered in red sphalerite crystals to 2 mm. The galena crystals have growth hillocks, which makes them appear like circuit boards, or perhaps city-scapes from above. Two large sphalerite crystals to 2.5 cm sit on the opposite side of the specimen. Due to their large size, they appear nearly black unlike the tiny red "ruby jack" crystals. Lustrous and attractive. An accompanying collection label traces the specimens provenance to famous dealer "Boodle" Lane.

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