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Fizélyite is a silver lead antimony sulfosalt. While the name was first announced in a presentation at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1913, its its formal description waited until the appearance of Krenner & Locka (1926). The mineral name honors Sÿndor Fizély (1856-1918), a Hungarian mining engineer who discovered the mineral. Early X-ray diffraction study showed a strong resemblance to andorite, but the work of Moëlo et al. (1984) re-affirmed its identity and specified its currently accepted formula of Ag5Pb14Sb21S48.

This specimen consists of pyrite and quartz matrix, lined with sphalerite crystals. Perched on the sphalerite are divergent sprays of fizélyite crystals to 8 mm. The fizélyite crystals have a coating of matted boulangerite, making them appear a bit fuzzy in the photography. Also present are minor semseyite and late calcite rhombohedra blackened from included boulangerite. This specimen was part of the collection of David Shannon (1942-2004), a prominent mineral dealer based in Mesa, Arizona. Shannon's collection label accompanies the specimen. This is a fine example of fizélyite; a quite rare species. Many so-labeled examples are in fact mistaken semseyite.

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